Good Luck and Deer Jerky

Manic as FUUUUUCK.
I find myself in a ranty mood. A very ranty mood. A might pass out from lack of oxygen kind of ranty mood. Not really an issue from day-to-day except for the fact that I have been informed that my verbal aggression in rants tends to scare small chidlren and make baby rabbits cry.Also, STFU rabbits can’t cry.If they could there’d be a monument surrounded by feetless rabbits showing their profound dismay at the stupidity of people, superstitious people, who belive that, somehow, chopping the foot off an innocent fuzzy animal who loves nothing more than eating, shitting, and humping will bring them good luck. All through a single tear. But they can’t. Good for you. Now you can wear innocent mangled feet guilt-free for generations to come. Asshole.But this is neither here nor there. Basically, shit be going down in the world in such a manner as to piss me off or intrigue me lately. Odd, since I am normally the person in the back corner who is content so long as no one is poking me with a sharp stick (something which oddly enough happens on a regular basis). And if I am being poked with a sharp stick, generally I’m content to bitch slap the person and go back to my bubble rather than go on a verbal diatribe.

Lately, this is not the case. Either because I’m bored or because the world is honestly reaching a level of studpidity that is mentally astounding to me. ME, being a totally realistic, normal, and  un-opinionated being…no really I’m for serious.

No I’m not.

If you didn’t realize that I was joking just there you’re probly one of the idiots walking around with Thumpers hind leg on a key-chain. Becuase Bambi hasn’t suffered enough. It’s not like being a gangly legged orphan with a chick’s name wasn’t bad enough. Nope, lets kill his best-friend too. Oh wait, you didn’t kill him though. you just disabled him and left him in a forrest full of talking animals who so totally won’t kill or eat him just for the hell of it. Survival of the fittest? Totally doesn’t apply to Disney. If it did, Bambi’s mother would’ve gotten shot and carved up for deer jerky. Oh wait…


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