Snazzy Black Death

All right, lemme get this straight…

Stereotypes bad. Very bad. Innaccurate and we should totally not listen to them…except that THEY ARE FRIGGIN RIGHT 90% of the everlovin time!

I hate to point this out. I really do, especially since I am a big bag of nonstereotype. I’m a redhead who is not a nympho, tans, and has few freckles. I’m a girl who likes the outdoors, being tackled, and porn. I’m also an office workers whose wardrobe staples include fishnet and skulls.


There’s a zappos box on my desk muthafucker. It’s not mine, but someone in this office placed it with me to be returned. It’s been sitting here for three fuckin days.

Now I’m not a shoe freak exactly. Mostly I just love me some boots, but I have to say, If i stabbed a person for every time a chick walked by and said…

“Oh shoes!”

“I want shoes!”


“I wish you’d open that”

“Can I take them home?”


I’d have killed more people this week than the friggin black death. Which is totally still a thing by the way. Did you know that? I didn’t until I read this article on this dude who lost half his damn hand to this shit in the last month! I felt really bad for him cuz damn that looked uncomfortable.

Hey, maybe instead of the stereotypical shoe-obsessed fangirls, I should send HIM a pair of shoes. Something snazzy…to distract from the missing fingers.


wait a minute…