My Eyelid Does the Rumba

My eyelid twitches. Not both, but just one. The right one to be exact. In some odd way this makes sense to me. I’m right handed, and generally one side of your body is predominant and stronger. Makes sense that the crazy would be stronger too.

It’s not stress. It happens at the most random of times. I have considered going to the doctor for this, because despite the fact that no one can really see when it’s happening, it feels like my eyelid is doing the Rumba and this is just plain not normal. But recently I’ve come to the conclusion that if I were to really talk to a doctor, I’d be admitted.
This is how I foresee this going…

Me: My eyelid twitches.
Dr: Perhaps you’re stressed.
Me: Nope. Well yes, but that’s not why my eyelid twitches. See, when I’m stressed I tend to hallucinate and have nightmares about dead children playing dress-up in my clothes. At least I think they’re nightmares. I tried to wake up my fiance to ask if he was seeing it too, but it was 4am and Mr. Grumpy butt decided a better response to my questions was to steal all the covers and snore.
Dr: …..
Me: I’m not crazy.

See why I might be worried about this?


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