Sometimes I Just Get Pissed, So I Get a Tattoo

It does, you know. It lies every day. Even the ones where you feel ok. It’s still lurking there, threatening to come back and you know it will. And when it comes it promises it’s going to stay. It tells you there’s nothing you can do. The world is too much and you will fail.

Well I’m not listening any more you lying fuck. I’ve branded that promise onto my skin and I will not forget it. I am not broken. I am not alone. It is not easier to die and doing so will hurt people I care about, even if you tell me it won’t. Leaving this world will not make it easier on my mother. She loves me and so does my father. They don’t care that I crumble sometimes. I have not failed them, and listening to you would only mean I’m failing myself. Try as hard as you want you sick bitch, but eventually I will climb out of this hole. Throw everything you have at me. I may cut, I may bleed, but I will not fucking die no matter how much you will it so. You have taken many others before me. You are dragging others into this same pit right now. You are evil. I may not be a perfect person. I have let you twist me and convince me to make decisions I never would have otherwise. You may very well do so again. But eventually you will fucking lose. Come and go, in the end you will. fucking. lose.
I am smarter than you give me credit for. I am on to you. In highschool you made me want to die and in my ignorance I longed for it because I thought that was the only way to escape. I know better now. Fear me because I am not the only one in this fight. Fear me because there are a million others like me who fight you every day and will never give up. Fear me because I recognize your lies for what they are, a sad attempt to drain the life out of a strong woman.

Fear me, because I will kill you.



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