Cooties and Vampire Fries

As this is my sibling, I very much doubt they are cooties of the cute or french fry kind, but fear they are the crazy or diseased kind. She tends to have chronic bronchitis as often as I tend to have chronic boredom. Well wishes to my sister, whom I believe has ended her courtship of insomnia and began a long-term and committed relationship to sleep. Though tepid, and far from the passion of insomnia, sleep is kind and much more gentle to the brain. Until then, No, dear sister there are not rats on the ceiling. If there were I would catch them all and name them variations of Pookie (Pookette, Pookins, Pookina) so they could distress you no longer.

I would dress them up in tiny pants suits, and force them to have tea parties with you, though since you do not like tea we would change it to crystal light, and I would make crumpets. You will have to give me a few minutes though, as I don’t actually know what a crumpet is and would need to google it, plus how to make one. On second thought, I bet crumpets don’t go well with crystal light.

Perhaps I’ll just order us a pizza instead.

Much love to you, cooties and all.


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