Penis Kirby



Ok. I’m pretty sure we all know what you’re looking at here. And let me tell you, it was even more obvious on the actual screen. There was shadowing, and contour people. Shadowing! Enough so that it helps you understand the term “mushroom stamp”. Oh yes.  Now, let me ask, how the hell did this get past the workers? You have to test run these things right? At some point, someone had to test whether or not Kirby could actually eat jiggly puff, and in doing so his character was bound to jump, right? Or was this an intential thing added to give a little giggle to the players?
game designer: Hey guys, I’m not sure it’s enough that Luigi does an obviously flamboyant interpretive dance to kill people, or that if the pikmin stick to your backside it looks like they’re gettin into some anal action, maybe we should add a penis or two.
game designer #2: But, gee, where would we put it?
game designer: Well, on Kirby’s forhead of course! Anywhere else would just be, well, perverted!
Now I’m not a total pervert. This discovery was had entirely by accident. See, my husband lost his job recently (que booing and aweee sounds) and I haven’t felt quite right since. In fact, I pretty much dived head first into that hole I’ve been talking about, and oddly enough, the only time I peek over that hole’s edge is when I’m bashing people’s faces in with oddly shaped hairdos on Smash Bros with my sister. This…fallous monstrosity was discovered quite by accident. See, I ate jiggly puff, dude. I ate him. And when you do this…apparently you get a penis?
Also some ability that puts you to sleep and lets you get kicked in the head while you shake it adorably like “wah? Waz happnen?”
Don’t believe me? Play it. Eat Jigglypuff and jump. I dare you.


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