Love On My Deathbed

 I can feel you stripping me down to the bone.

Now I’m down on bended knee bleeding out on the stones.

Through the spots in my vision i see my world spinning

and with one swift kick I know you are winning.

My soul drains out spilling blood on the floor.

I’m done, I quit, I just can’t beg anymore.

My mind is gone. My heart has stopped.

What you have done cannot be blocked.

I can feel my flesh being ripped away.

How terrifying to know this is making your day.

Please turn around and drop the knife.

I’m on the ground, you’ve taken my life.

Please walk away while they’ll still recognize me

God, I don’t want my mother to see…

I can imagine it now, my father’s yelling

The cry of my sister so shrill and telling.

And all the policeman asking why…

Why i didn’t leave, didn’t refuse to die?

It started with yelling, the occasional threat

 but “he’s been like this since the day we met

“I love him to death. You just don’t understand.

I swear he’s really a very good man.”

Then one day he uses his fists.

How could I know it would come to this?

Over time i ignored the bruises getting darker,

pretending like the scars from our fights got no larger…

It’s very simple you see

The love was the key.

The love made me stay and refuse to let go

Let go of the knife

so deep in my chest.

Let go of the life i thought would be blessed.

Let go of my love so angry and wretched.

How could i know love would blanket my deathbed?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nosleepandcrazy
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 21:36:37

    Did I read this before? I feel I have and I feel I am equally disturbed and saddened by this, this time as the first.


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