She can feel it coming on, coming on.

The urge to make it end, make this world be gone.

She looks around the room, the scattered pictures of her family

and briefly wonders to herself how it all went so badly.

But the urge to make it burn overtakes it all.

her will to protect, to surive,  now so small.

 She stares at the  candles  all exhaling the smoke

loves the darkness swirling upward, cutting lines across her throat.

 She doesn’t even stop to wonder why, wonder why

tipping those flames over just feels oh so fine.

 From the floor to the ceiling she wills the flames to rise.

Giggles and claps as wallpaper cracks, as the floorboards cry.

 She breathes the heat in burning flesh, tender flesh.

It was only so long before she broke under the stress.

 She smells the thick sulphur, it clouding her lungs.

Why should she stop when it’s just so much fun?

 So she lights one match and then another.

Cheers the flames on while they build together.

 She won’t even make a run for the door, closed door

When her lungs lose their air and start begging for more.

 She sits very quietly in the middle of her room

not  caring that this light is the signal of her doom.

 Oh, but don’t be mistaken, she’s not alone in this house.

Her dear father slept while the hallway she doused.

 Doused in the sticky sweet oils of gasoline,

This is what dear Daddy gets for being so mean.

 For sneaking in those nights. For making her cry.

For making her bleed. For bruising her thighs.

Yes, for his pleasure, dear Father will die.

 The golden flames reach him before they do her.

And she nearly smiles when she hears him stir.

 Nearly laughs as he struggles to live

Knowing his damnation was hers to give.

 Now that Daddy is dead and forever gone

she prays that her life will not be prolonged.

 When the flames climb her thighs she doesn’t even blink.

Her father’s love has driven her to the brink.

 With this burning red light she hopes to be cleansed.

She simply accepts this death as a friend.

 He protects her from hate, pain, and rejection

lonliness, sadness, and oh did i mention?

 He protects her from living a life with her father

built only of sex,  shame, and the loss of her mother.


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