Picking on Someone’s Outfit is Shallow.

There, I said it. Now, everyone has an opinion. If you don’t like someones outfit fine. Feel free to think that. Feel free to never buy anything remotely resemebling the outfit. I’m fairly certain there are certain people that a spiked collar just DOES NOT flatter. But there is a line, upon crossing, that you become shallow and judgemental.

Ok, so there is a very specific reason why I get angry when someone pops off with “she/he is too old to wear that” or when anyone follows any belief system based soley upon a person’s outfit.

First, being of the more goth/punk variety when it comes to clothing, I have always believed that people have the right to wear whatever they want. In doing so I ran myself head first into more than one brick-solid Wall-O-Judgement. In gradeschool I was once banned from going to the school “dances” unless I wore something that was not black. It didn’t matter that my black clothes covered more of my body than the tiny jean skirts chicks were flitting about in, or that my t-shirt had a fairy on it. In response, my amazing mother bought me an entire outfit of  hot PINK. Head-to-toe pink. They didn’t catch the joke.

In highschool a teacher had the audacity to ask my why I would disrespect myself by wearing Tripp pants. Excuse me? My pants signal a lack of respect for myself? Why…because they aren’t blue? Because they have suspenders on them that are for show instead of functionality? Oh, I get it. It’s the chains…that came with the pants instead of being added on later to hold onto a wallet. In my world, disrespecting myself would be believing that my worth is based on my material possessions, physical presentation, and opinion’s of others.

Every time I go to an interview I dress up in a suit that makes me feel like anything but me, because I know that the person interviewing me is going to base their decision partially on what I’m wearing. It’s sad that people still seem to think my wearing fishnet sleeves somehow has a direct impact on my work ethic, morality, or skill set. It doesn’t. I promise.

This bothers me especially in circumstances that are casual, where what you’re wearing doesn’t signify a lack of respect (you should probly forgo that mini skirt if it’s a funeral). People tug children away from me, sales people follow me nervously around department stores, and salesmen stand in a huddle waiting for someone who looks a bit older to walk through the door.

Random facts about me:

1. I volunteered at Wayside Christian Mission’s Daycare. I loved those kids. We played house and one of them combed my (then exceptionally long hair) with their drool moistened  fingers for nearly a half hour. They did it with love, so I didn’t mind washing my hair a second time that night.

2. I have never stolen anything (except perhaps when I was five. It was a horrible decision that racked my soul with guilt for years to come, even though I didn’t get away with it and was in fact grounded). I do not steal from stores, employers, friends, family, etc.

3. I am not rich, but I pay my bills every damn month and still have cash to spare. I work hard to add to my savings so that when I feel like randomly buying a new couch, I have the ability. I’m 22, and own a house. I get very tired of being over looked because I am not 35, or standing with a man in a fancy suit.

It just gets to me.  There’s about a million things a person could rightfully be criticised for, and wearing a different style is by far one of the most shallow. You really feel like criticising me? I have many flaws for you to aim at.

My refusal to go to therapy or take medication despite obviously being unstable.

I’m incapable of completely shutting a cabinet or drawer, even if there’s only an inch to go. This is obviously just laziness on my part.

I am too short with people on a regular basis.

When my feelings are hurt I am completely irrational. It doesn’t matter if there’s a good reason, or a follow-up apology. I’m hurt. The end.

But you’re gonna point out my ripped jeans? Ok…let’s go with that one. What do my ripped jeans say about me….That I hate letting go of my favorite pair of comfy pants…that I have more important things to spend my money on than new jeans…that I like how they look…that I absolutely hate blue jean shopping and will avoid it like the plague because they all make my hips look fat and those dressing room mirrors are just damn unflattering. Which one of these do you link to my moral and ethical standing as a human being?

And this doesn’t just happen to young people. No, there’s a whole new set of insulting remarks people make to the fully grown adult section of the population.

My mother is the most amazing woman on this planet. Did I mention that already?  My world would be broken without her, and never have I been more willing to curb stomp someone over a pointless remark, than the time she told me she had stopped wearing leggings due to a nasty remark on the part of a coworker.  Apparently by wearing the leggings she was trying to be young?

No, you snide little shithead. She was trying to be comfortable. And cute. And wear something that she liked. My mom works harder than anyone else I’ve ever met, and for anyone to make a comment regarding her attire is completely out of line. You think leggings are only a staple of the teen youth? Piss off. Get your head out of your ass. My mother lost over a 100 pounds and if she wants to sass about in leggings, a tutu, and rainbow platform boots I am gonna root her on, damnit.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system. Is there anything someone has judged you on that you found just insane?



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nosleepandcrazy
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 21:09:40

    My baby doll shirts. When I was in high school, before the uniforms took over, they would all call me pregnant. The virgin, me, they called pregnant was unamused.


  2. Seasweetie
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 12:29:31

    I love this. I’m struggling with this now, due to suddenly finding myself chronologically “a woman of a certain age”, but feeling like I’m in my 20s. And it’s weird. I have to keep reminding myself that if I look good in something, that I can wear it. Period. And I’m like you about the drawers – totally.


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