It makes her twitch. It flickers on and off, blue shadows crawling across the living room walls. A blue pulse of electricity which calls…

One slices across her leg, three little lines there. Now four.

Just for a second, she looks over at the door.

 Her body jolts with every flash. The blue burns into her eyes. She feels the

scratch scratch

of her pupils stretching wide, pushed open by blue tendrils, held open as they reach for her soul. She leans forward, hugs her knees to her chest.  Feels the

drip drip

from her wrist to her toes. Feels the sticky wetness slide down her foot to the floor.

Hears the floorboards groan for more.

Through the part in her hair, sees the blue slither and writhe. Sees the dead trees twist inside Hide in the pattern of the floor. Hears the

crack crack

of their souls, nailed down and pierced.

She reaches down, cold palm to cold wood. Wonders what its like to have nail through bone.

Anything not to be alone.

“It’s ok. We’re all trapped here.”

And it’s exactly that she fears.

She reaches down, sharp metal, all cool, pointed at the floor. Carving, quick slicing.

Jerking hands. Rough letters crying,

cut cut

into the wood. Defiant words twisting around the room.

She crawls onto the floor, digging nails into grooves.

The door is locked. Locked for her safety. He doesn’t want anyone to get in.

She is his.

But she will do anything to win.

Holds tight to the side of the couch. Purple swirls and stains beneath.

Too much purple collecting at her feet.

Holds on tight to pull herself up high.

Wonders why this body refuses to die.

She sees the blue flash across her stomach. Sees it

seep seep

into her skin. His skin.

Two thin cuts and it peels away.

Not his anymore. She will not stay.

She pushes cold metal to bleeding flesh. Feels the

slice slice

as more rips off fresh.

Tears fight through the lashes. Warm tears release the pain.

It doesn’t matter to her that it’s insane.

She is alone. She is strangled by familiar hands, love tattooed across the knuckles.

Crushes her throat when she calls out for others.

He is not enough. And he is all that is allowed. She hears the

thump thump

of her heart, begging her to stop. Feels the

twitch twitch

of her muscles starting to ache.

She kneels down to the trees.

Why won’t he see?

Palms to their broken souls. Lets the purple

slide slide

into the cracks. It is almost time. He will come home. Home to claim her.

The floorboards cry out, welcoming her.

They will never chain her down. They will never hold her still.

It is only his love which kills.

One more cut and her head drops to the floor.

She will never be anyone’s anymore.

When he comes home it is announced with a

knock knock

of the door. But as he walks in he notices a sick smell.

And he can just barely see her body where she fell.

When he turns on the light he is welcomed with this sight…

Flesh peeled from bone.

And just beside her body was shown

just five feet from the door

etched in red on the floor

Maybe this will make you see,

That you can

never never

keep me.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wallnp
    Sep 24, 2012 @ 13:38:59

    that was amazing.


  2. nosleepandcrazy
    Oct 06, 2012 @ 08:49:41

    I love it.


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