“I’m Not One To…” Let My Hypocrisy Stop Me

Ok, so being a blog writer I also read a lot of blogs. The blogging community is just this whole thing that I find both awesome and intriguing, but every now and then I find blogs to be upsetting or annoying in various ways. The biggest violations usually coming from “mommy” blogs.

Now, there are some mommy blogs that are beautiful and insightful, that give new moms (of which I am not) a foothold on things that could otherwise be terrifying and overwhelming.

There are some that just seem to exist to judge others. And that I just don’t get. These are not true mommy blogs. From here on out they will be known as judgy blogs. Instead of uplifting other mothers or answering difficult questions, they target other mothers with harsh criticism and cruel mockery. My favorite judgy blogs always start with a disclaimer sentence.

I’m not racist but…

I’m not usually very conservative but…

It’s not really my business but….

I’m not one to judge, criticize, bring down, mock…. insert whatever your excuse is here.

Actually, yes. Yes you fucking are.

Now I am not a mom. I read these blogs partially because some of them are just damn good writing, regardless of the topic, and partially because I do kind of hope to be a mom someday. It’s interesting to read about the trials, happy moments, etc. Not to mention, posts on some mommy blogs have led me to read bloggers who are a mom + about a million other awesome things.

So take this with a grain of salt if you wish, but here’s a clue. If you feel the need to start your post off with a disclaimer sentence, not only should you step back and reconsider what you’re writing, but you are a  typing yourself right into being a hypocrit.

Now I’m not one to write biased ranty posts… but what the fuck is your issue?



This is the post that set me off. Now, regardless of your feelings on drug use or whatever, I need to say something. Starting off a judging post, with a claim that you don’t judge, makes me instantly skeptical of you. Instantly, I am going to be looking at your post through shit colored glasses because, dude.  You’re judging a young woman. You’re judging her as though this one instant ruins every other achievement in her life. You’re judging her with no clue as to when this photo was really taken. You’re judging her even though you admit to being her age and using drugs. Just because you don’t “usually” judge, if that’s even true, does not make it more ok for you to judge right now.

You’re frigging JUDGING.

Just like because you aren’t “usually” racist, doesn’t make it ok to mock some random form of black/african american/ insert race here culture (or more likely what you perceive to be that culture).

It just doesn’t work.

Knock that shit off, man.


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