Here’s a Hint: This is not my amused face.

Ok, so even though I JUST posted a post in here, I am going to spam my dear followers with another one because the universe commands me to get this annoyed feeling out of my body and into this keyboard.

I deal with a lot of silly little petty things in my day-to-day life, but today I was affronted by a practice I thought to have died in the medieval preschool years.

I take money and hand out stickers at work on days employees are allowed to wear jeans. To do so, they give me money and I give them a sticker which signifies they paid. My company gives all the money earned from this to various charities (which is awesome).

Today, a fully grown man walked up to me and, despite me typing furiously since I actually have work to do/the program i need to use is glitching, did that STUPID BULLSHIT KINDERGARTEN thing where someone hands you something, but as you reach for it they jerk it away.

Yes. He really did.

Three times in fact, before he silently handed me the money and walked away. My guess is that my face didn’t show the same level of enthusiasm for immature bullshit as he obviously possesses.

When in doubt as to whether your antics amuse me, I am willing to lend you a helping hand.  Hint number 1:

20121026-105524.jpg                                                       This is not my amused face.

Being a secretary/assistant/receptionist (it really depends on what they want that day) I get very little respect from the upper echelons of the work place. I think they assume I just sit here daydreaming of sword fights, unicorns, and chocolate chip cookies ( which I do, on occasion, but as I’m working).

When something like this happens, I always have to fight the urge to look at them and go:

It is obvious you have very little respect for me or my time, and I really don’t care enough about you to alter that perception. BUT seeing as we are not in kindergarten and I am visibly working on something at the moment, perhaps you could piss off until your personality reaches AT LEAST the maturity level of a 10 year old? I think this would be in the best interest of us both since your antics are putting me in a homicidal mood, and I’d wager you would prefer not to die today.

Seriously, there are very few situations in adulthood/not a 5 year old-hood during which this is funny.

1. When you’re married/living with the sig. other and they demand the remote to save themselves from another episode of Sex and the City. The pure expression of pain in their face when they realize they’ll have to listen to Carrie Bradshaw for a few more seconds is worth the drop in Adult Points.

2. When the person you’re doing it to is so high, or drunk that they move at the speed of a snail with the accuracy of ferret, and the item is a tasty taco.

3. When you’re playing with the dog.

So, in conclusion: Thank you, dear readers,  for your patience with my blogger spamming. May your days be filled with unicorns, cookies, and very few immature assholes.

Good day.


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