Sleep. It’s over rated. Unless you, like, need to function or something.

So, I think I’ve mentioned before that I do this whole hallucinating thing. It happens most often when I’m sleeping/about to go to sleep.

Well, my husband got a job, which is a huge relief. He seems to actually like it, and that’s great. The issue would be that it’s second shift. 3:30-midnight, and I work first.

I have to sleep alone most of the time. And this is not working so well with my psychotic little brain. See, when I see things and he is there, I can poke at him till he wakes up and tells me I’m being crazy and to go back to bed.

I have no one to poke at, so instead I just lay there fucking terrified, or I make a clumsy run for the door only to find myself mostly naked, standing in the middle of my hallway hysterical with my cats looking at me like

“da fuck?”

So, I’m not really sleeping much. Which sucks on so many levels.

Level 1: I need to sleep!

Level 2: 5 mini heart attacks a night cannot be good for my life’s longevity.

Level 3: I don’t see John much during the week, so I keep trying to stay up every once in awhile to visit with him. This becomes increasingly hard to do the longer I go without a proper night’s sleep.

I successfully stayed awake once. I made it till 1am before I was unconscious and drooling on the couch.

This does not please me.


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