All I want for Christmas is a Hernando pony.

Conversation had last night.

Me: I feels like shit. again. Every other week.

Hubby: I know baby. If you need anything you just let me know ok?

Me: Ok…..honey?

Hubby: Yes?

Me: Can I have a tiny pony?

Hubby: A pony?

Me: Mhm. A pretty one.

Hubby: Would you settle for one of those policeman horses? They’re already trained.

Me: But I want a pony. We could sell pony rides to the neighborhood children and make monies.

Hubby: We’d need it to hire someone to clean all the poop.

Me: Can I name it Hernando…

Hubby: Hernando?

Me: …the third.

Hubby: What happened to Hernando I and II?

Me: I used to have a stuffed animal named Hernando…

Hubby: Good night baby.


He just rolls with it. Though If I come home to find a pony in my living room it will so be Hernando.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. normalfornorfolkblog
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 10:16:45

    Aw, when you said Tiny pony, I thought you mean’t like a Tiny pony and I was going to suggest a minature My Little Pony like the one I got a couple of weeks ago. But it really is tiny and way too small to let the neighbourhood kids ride. On the plus side, the poop will also be really tiny and you probably wouldn’t even notice it….


    • psychofab
      Dec 04, 2012 @ 10:38:20

      That is a plus, and I did once find great joy in My Little Pony. My sister had some with fabulous purple hair that I obsessed over in my youthier youth.


  2. nosleepandcrazy
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 06:04:36

    MY LITTLE PONY was so EPIC. But now it is soooo different. Like it is becoming epic again, but for adults and teens… I mean I loved them when I was playing with all my other toys…. now people are buying them and t-shirts with portal references on them…. I guess it is our generation bringing it back. If anyone needs a birthday suggestion for me, I wants a hoody with a My little pony on it, the new version… I want it to have a second meaning… not portal… portal is ok but I want it to spoof something I really like. XL people. I needs a hoody, lol. Or a t-shirt is fine too. That way I can wear it all year.


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