Insomnia. Yeah…that’s all I got.

I am not funny today, for you see, I have barely slept in three days. I did this last week as well, so I’m really running behind.

And this is not the kind of not-sleeping that comes with Mania, where you’re hyper and creative and even a lint ball can seem vastly amusing. This is the kind of not-sleeping where you’re eyelids feel fat and puffy, you don’t care about what’s happening around you because you can’t focus, your eyes burn, your muscles actually ache, yet when you lay down to sleep abso-fuckin-lutely nothing happens.

I even took a sleeping pill last night. Guess how great you feel when you take a sleeping pill but never actually fall asleep.

Also it’s one of those days where I feel ugly. I just got my hair cut, and until today have been quite happy with it. Somehow, over night, my brain has decided that it’s actually a boring hair style.

This will probably go away by tomorrow, as when I’m this tired and grumpy I tend to spontaneously hate things I previously loved.

Like life.

I use the word spontaneously a lot.


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  1. nosleepandcrazy
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 06:17:33

    As far as being sleepy goes, there is NOTHING worse than when you take a sleeping pill and nothing happens. It makes every second feel like an hour. I hate when that happens and it happens a lot.


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