Seriously, Dude? I should poke you with a syphilis needle.

Ok, I’m starting to think that my supervisor’s level of insensitivity cannot be excused by his general social awkwardness.

I’m being laid off in March. I believe I mentioned that more than once. I believe I also mentioned how he told me this in front of the staff, during the staff meeting.

Well now he just keeps making comments about how after January most of the temps will be gone and saying things like….

“Thank god”

“We won’t be spending so much money on them.”


“We’ll be saving a ton of money.”

Um, hello? I’m one of those temps you’re talking about, and I don’t “Thank God” that I have to find a new job and pray that I do before my job’s execution date.

Then I started thinking, this is an office that deals with statistics and charts. Maybe his brain doesn’t function without a bar graph to lead the way. So, to anyone who’s emotions do not kick in without a statistical representation:untitled

untitled2And in case you need a pictorial representation:

My internal mood BEFORE your comments.

My internal mood BEFORE your comments.

My internal mood AFTER your comments.

My internal mood AFTER your comments.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nosleepandcrazy
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 03:13:02

    Yeah I think he went beyond, “I gets uh excuse?” pass


  2. normalfornorfolkblog
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 03:22:21

    Whilst I agree the guy does sound as though he would benefit from some people management training and I am not sticking up for him, It is difficult dealing with temps. I use a pool of around 50 in my ‘non-writing job’ and have to deal with something called AWR which means that a temp cannot work for you as a temp for longer that 12 weeks. After this time, all lots of things kick in, but it is all very boring. I personally feel guilty when they have to move on, even though it isn’t my fault and I know some of them are reading from it that they aren’t good enough to work for the company full time (which sadly some of them aren’t). Having said that, many years ago when I was temping for NORWICH UNION I got wind that they were going to get rid of all the temps at the end of the day and they hadn’t even had the decency to tell us. I went to the team leader and asked if it was true and she said yes, so I just packed my stuff, put my coat on and left. Fuck em! I had another job to find!! I know looking for work is stressful, but would you really want to work for a douche like that permanently?


    • psychofab
      Dec 12, 2012 @ 08:32:08

      I’ve been here for over a year, so I’m guessing the 12 week thing doesn’t apply here. They continue to train me on new things as though I’m going to be here. It is just odd.


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