Distracting Drivers to tell them not to crash.

So I’m driving home from work yesterday and something large and blinky catches my eye.

It’s a sign, one of those light up ones that people like to hack, shining brightly over the expressway during rush hour.

I’m thinking, maybe I should read that sign. There could be a wreck, or an Amber alert.


The sign states “53 days without a fatal crack in Kentucky in 2012”

That’s nice…but…I feel I need to point something out here.

What does installing a flashy light up sign above an expressway, during rush hour, with tiny font do?

It makes every person driving in a car look up to that sign, away from the road, to read it.

In rush hour.

When cars spontaneously stop for no reason and you have to try to brake but you’re going 65 mph  and brakes are not miracle workers.

Do you know what all these add up to?

A car crash at 65 mph.

Just saying. Rethink your anti-crash advertising. If a kid isn’t missing, and nobody’s dead body is laying in the road up ahead, don’t distract me, dude.

Also, I would have a lovely picture of said sign, but that would’ve involved whipping my phone out, working the camera function, and aiming, all while driving with one hand on an expressway. And that’s irresponsible.


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