Detachable Penis

So, one day about three years ago I’m just driving along in my car. I turn on the radio and I hear this…

“I woke up this morning with a bad hangover

My penis was missing again. This happens all the time.

It’s detachable”

….now this is rather odd to be playing on the radio, but I continue to listen because…I mean come on. It’s a song about a detachable penis.

At first I thought about the horrors of having a detachable body part like that, but then the song made some very valid points.

“I can leave it home when I think it’s going to get me in trouble or i can rent it out when I don’t need it”

Going to a party without your girl and there’s this smoking hot slutty chick there? Detach it!

Hitting that awkward puberty phase where you can get a boner even if you’re staring at your algebra teacher Mr. NoseHairs and you don’t want everyone to think you’re a total freak with REALLY bad taste in men? Detach it!

Pants a little too tight? Detach it! (Hey, I think I know how those scene kids fit into those pants now…)

Got a female friend who’s hit a dry spell? Loan it out…though really for this one you’d probably rather keep it attached.

But then he goes into some detail and the picture gets a little disturbing…

“I really hate to have to sit down every time I take a leak”

Um…so…if the penis is detached…does that mean you just have this…hole a few inches under your belly button? I mean…you can’t really just sit and pee if you still pee out of the general area in which your penis exists. It would just…like…dribble. You’d have to basically plank on the toilet to keep it from getting on you.

And then he goes on to explain that some hobo has stolen his penis and is selling it for 22 bucks.

Anyways, for the past few years I have insisted that this song exists and searched for someone else who has heard it. Generally everyone just gives me a weird look. Well now I have proof!

Anyways 2, this was also the closest  I could get to a male version of the Boob Fairy.

have a listen here.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Valerie
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 22:29:18

    I love that song solely for its ridiculousness.




    • psychofab
      Dec 19, 2012 @ 09:10:26

      i love the chorus repetitively singing “detachable penis” in the background. Definitely threatens to get stuck in your head…because that’s what you want to be unknowingly singing as you walk about your office.


  2. jeneralinsanity
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 03:10:59

    I have a friend that I call Va-Jay-Jay (not what you’re thinking, perv) that used to always quote this song to me and I could never find it.
    I heart your face.


  3. Brandina
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 22:53:28

    I’ve heard that song. I can’t remember quite when I first heard it, but I was in my teens back then.


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