So, it’s the apocalypse…..I…think…

Nothing much seems to be happening, but my theory is not that there isn’t an apocalypse, but that the apocalypse just isn’t as ‘splosion filled as everyone expects.

My theory…is that it’s the poodles.

I'm a fancy mother fucker.

I’m a fancy mother fucker.

You heard me. See, you’re thinking the apocalypse is gonna be all BOOM DOOM GLOOM and….poom????

Anyways, it’s not! See, the apocalypse is actually just the starting date for their world domination mission. See, they’ve been worming their way into our hearts and fancy poochy shows all these years, until their numbers ROSE and our resistance SANK. AND NOW THEY ARE IN POSITION TO ATTACK!!!

images (1)

You shall not resist me puny human! OOO a chew toy…

They will rise up and destroy our world. No more dog shows. No more vet visits. No more……whatchamafuck?

You will die for this. Slowly.

You will die for this. Slowly.

I mean…I’d kill you too….

images (3)

Just saying.

So prepare yourselves! Don’t let your guard down for a second.

The Poodles….


One of these thiiiings does not beloooong...

One of these thiiiings does not beloooong…



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jeneralinsanity
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 10:58:11

    Laughing too hard. Can’t see keys. Holy shit. Horse poodle! The horsapoo doesn’t belong.


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