Motts: Apple Juice of the Gods

I did not write a Christmas post, and for this I am truly sorry. It’s just that…well…I had strep, guys. Friggin strep throat for Christmas.

I felt fine the day before Christmas Eve. We went to visit my parents and all was well…till my throat got this odd scratchy feeling. Well, in the 30 minutes it took us to get home I was full blown sick. Temp and all that, unbearable throat pain, and an unquenchable desire for apple juice (my go-to drink for sickness).

Do you hear the angels singing????

Do you hear the angels singing????

I did get up to go to Christmas Eve at my parent’s house. It took me about 3 hours to get clothes on like an adult type person. The first of which was spent sleeping in my shower since, as it hurt to stand, I sat in the shower, head propped up on the soap holder.

John drove me to the house, where I promptly passed the hell out on the couch. Drool included.

Christmas Eve was still lovely. I guzzled my apple juice and indulged in mashed potatoes as they were the softest thing for dinner. I was starting to perk up due to a delightful combo of antibiotics and painkillers  when I looked over at John…who was quite pale.

Cat doing his best John impression.

Cat doing his best John impression.

Yeah…I got him sick too.  Except he decided he needed to one-up me by way of vomiting and extreme nausea. We left my parent’s early, seeing as we were both diseased. By the time we got home, John was pretty much a crumpled up ball of john-ness that vaguely resembled death.

He did not get out of bed till 6:30pm Christmas Day.

I haz the guilt for making him sick.

But I hope all of your Christmases…Christmasii, Christmas’….were fantastic. And hopefully disease free.

And to all...some really great drugs!

And to all…some really great drugs!


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  1. jeneralinsanity
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 10:55:32

    OH NO! THE PLAGUE! That shit is evil. I’m sorry you had to spend awesome-fun-present-time feeling all gross and junk. That’s the worst. And I have totally done the shower sleeping thing. It’s so warm & cozy in there that sometimes you can’t not fall asleep when you feel like rotten ass.


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