I can’t just let you go down like this

Imagining the landscapes as your eyes see them

The contours of the world so blurred

It’s impossible to see the details,

the sparks worth living for,

the faces worth reaching out to touch.

Why do you sink so slowly, so serenely to the bottom?

With no fight left to breathe,

no will to reach forward and grasp,

you rest upon the bottom and sigh out,

knowing there’s nothing left to take in.

Imagining the clouds as you breathe them

hollowing out your chest to make room for the pain

Withering your bones to reduce your resistance

They settle on your chest.

no space

no hope

just passive permission to go

and never come back.

Imagining the hurt as you feel it

crisp and light,

settling on every surface of your skin.

Imagining all this I feel the anger you used to have,

the push to fight past it,

the need to defeat it.

Please, take this from me.

Borrow my anger and resistance.

Borrow the world through my eyes.

Let it crush me for awhile,

let it haunt me while I sleep.

Just take it,

long enough to remember why,

Long enough to understand,

I can’t just let you go down like this

and never get back up.


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