Yo’ Treadmill! Come At Me Brah!

So, I am officially announcing that I’m trying to get into shape.

I’m not…out of shape per say. I mean, I’m not obese by any means, but I’m also not especially happy in my body or at all happy with my level of laziness.

SO…a friend of mine has been wanting to try and lose some weight. She joined a gym and got the membership that allows her to bring a guest.

I’ve actually got my own membership now, because I’m afraid if I just rely on her to go then I’ll let various things get in my way. I need to be able to up and go whenever I feel like it.

I thought I’d go and trudge about and be miserable, but at least be able to congratulate myself on accomplishing something. Instead…it was relaxing.

Which is weird because I absolutely hate exercise, as does most of the human population.

So I’ve been four times now, and each time I’ve stayed an hour and a half…and could probably keep going.

Even weirder…because who the hell wants to do that? Have I mentioned it usually takes the threat of psychical violence to get me exercising for longer than a half hour?

I actually kind of look forward to it.

Ok, now I KNOW some alien being has hijacked my body.

But none the less… Do I dare to hope that I’ve found my thing?

That maybe all this time I just needed a damn gym to go into, and zone out in, to stay motivated?

Not only that, but seriously, if you want to get motivated then find a work out buddy. Me and said friend chat the whole time and time goes by SOOO much faster. We laugh at our confusion when we use a new machine, and joke about how one day the staff will walk by and find us splattered, face down, over the step aerobics bar squealing “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

But you know…that hasn’t happened yet. In fact, for people who started this after a long hiatus from anything more physical than raving at a party….we’re kicking ass.

Hell, we can do at least a few reps on every machine we’ve tried. We can even do them on weight settings PAST 10 pounds. Which, if you’d watched our slow and painful discovery regarding our upper body strength…yeah that’s something.

My friend is being a little hard on herself because she’s a bigger girl. But you know…she goes. She does the machines right along side me. Girl got stamina.

I’ve only gone four times now but I already, honestly, feel different. For one, my energy levels are usually on the “vaguely dead” side of things, as they were last night. In fact, I was so tired I was tempted to call my friend and cancel, stating a much needed nap as the obstacle. I got there…started on the treadmill…wasn’t feeling it. Told myself I would burn at least 200 calories, however long that took, at least.  Hey, if I was really that tired, then 200 calories isn’t shabby.

Well, by the time those 200 calories were gone (30 minutes at a brisk pace)my energy had shot back up. So, instead of quitting, we moved to the 12 minute ab machines. We both managed to use a machine we couldn’t do the first time we tried it. Then to the stretch machines. A little more ab work that puts you in this position that just begs to be a “Come At Me Brah!” meme. then to the 30 minute full body work out machines.

I went home and was so damn awake I couldn’t sleep till almost 2am. I could’ve salsa’d across my living room, if I had the coordination to do so.  Mind you, I’d been up since 7am.

So yeah…. I’m going to try to eat better. More betta’ than I do now, which isn’t too shabby.

I’m going to exercise at least three times a week with my friend.

And I’m going to shake my slightly less toned than it should be toucas, proudly, on that treadmill. Even if I can’t take it at a bullet’s pace.

Oh, and I’ve already lost a little of that Christmas weight.

New Years Resolution, bitches.’


Exercise. I's doin it.

Exercise. I’s doin it.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Courtney
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 09:46:10

    I read something about how if you exercise later in the day, it can keep you from sleeping later on that night because of all the hormones and stuff that are released when you exercise. Apparently, that article wasn’t lying.

    Good for you on the exercise thing. You have more willpower than I do.


  2. nosleepandcrazy
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 01:04:35

    I can not wait til next month when I have the money and time to go with you all. I am terrified and excited all at the same time.


    • psychofab
      Jan 22, 2013 @ 11:06:39

      Well If you really stick to it I think it will help. When you see me you’ll prolly notice my body is shaped way different. It’s even got my thighs under some semblance of control.


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