Meet Ezra!

This is Ezra!

This is Ezra!

He is our new red iguana.

For Christmas my parents gave me the money to build him an appropriate habitat, which is more of a challenge than you might think.

That little dude can get up to 6 feet long, including his tail, and they love to climb.

Buying a pre-made habitat for him would cost into the thousands, and since we aren’t lazy or stupid enough to pay all that, we are building one.


That’s the rough sketch of the basic design. We bought glass for the doors (which run five foot up the cage), wood for the sides and base. The top will be screened in. It’s hard to use many other materials for the top since the heat lamps could be a fire hazard.

Right now, he’s in a small 10 gallon aquarium looking quite pissed off.

It’s hard to blame him, but the cage is coming along nicely. I’ll post pictures of the progress!

Iguana’s take a lot more handling and patience to get them used to you than some other lizards. Unless he’s hungry, Thor doesn’t much care what you do. He’ll go right to sleep plopped down any old where.

Thor gives no shits.

Thor gives no shits.

That’s Thor. He’s a little bigger than that now, but still half the size of Ezra. He will only get to be about 3 feet, tail and all. Also, it’s much harder to sex bearded dragons than iguanas, so he may very well be an Athena.

Ezra still has some attitude. That picture up there is the first time we successfully held him without him going batshit cray cray. The first night we brought him home, he allowed me to pet him, so I thought I’d take a chance and pick him up.

these books are my bitch now.

these books are my bitch now.

That’s my book shelf. That’s also him, mocking me from his perch as I tried in vain for 20 minutes to get him out of those books and back into his cage.

Did I mention iguanas are excellent climbers?

And it may seem like it’d be easy to get him out of there, but he is in perfect striking position right there.

See, iguanas do have teeth. Big teeth when they are older, but this isn’t what they actually use to defend themselves most of the time. No…they use their tail. They’re longer than their body, much harder than you’d expect, tail.

That link takes you to a small iguana tail whipping a cat. Now, it’s not so bad when they are as little as Ezra…but imagine that happening when he looks more like this…

I am ancient as the sun. And bad ass.

I am ancient as the sun. And bad ass.

So yeah, we are working hard on that taming thing.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. JohnnyNo
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 15:36:34

    That last pic is kinda scary!!
    I saw a show recently where Kimodo dragons kept eating the village children! That’ s one reason they build their houses on stilts.
    We had a turtle here for awhile, and despite never seeming to move, it was always right behind me if I turned around. Guess I prefer fur on my pets.

    And, I hope you’ re not still going to petsmart!


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