Where’s that other foot?

I have been doing really well lately all things considered.

I’m still looking for another job. I’ve filled out at least 50 applications in the last week. It simply takes time I suppose, but this hasn’t gotten me down as badly as I expected it too. I’m just going to keep plugging away and hopefully find something enjoyable. I’m requesting a long lunch break for tomorrow to go down to UofL and begin the dreaded financial aid process.

My Mom had her hip surgery, and she’s doing great. I don’t think she realizes how great she’s doing, but she definitely is. Me and her are a lot alike, in that we don’t like feeling out of control but I think she’s handled the stress of the surgery remarkably well. Especially since the blood thinner they put her on rained a miasma of unpleasant symptoms upon her.

I was so worried the day of her surgery, and the night before, that something bad would happen. What  can I say… I find myself totally incapable of imaging my life without my Mom. She’s been such a source of support and happiness in my life, and as I get older we’ve transitioned into being not just Mother and Daughter but also very close friends. All that worry, but there she is propped up in the living room every time I go see her.

I don’t know…I kind of feel like I’m waiting for the other foot to drop.

I’m just a happy person right now, despite quite a few things. I even had a manic episode last night that didn’t result in a dooms day crash, but instead just a really clean closet and organized computer room. The mess was bugging me, and for once we remembered to take the trash down so I had a place to put all the garbage.

This was a great feat considering I hurt my arm/neck the other day.

20130117-094846.jpgI had to rearrange the furniture to make room for Ezra’s cage. This actually opened up the room a great deal, and made it into a nice spot to let both him and Thor (when he’s bigger) adventure.

Oh, and that’s Yoda in his cube. He seems quite pleased with the arrangement himself.

I’d show you the amazing accomplishment that is my hallway closet, but that would involve showing you just how bad it had gotten. So…nope.

I’m also this close to conquering my guest bedroom, which was absolutely heinous a couple weeks ago.





So far, the room is very relaxing. I want to find a cute patterned curtain for the short window, a corner reading chair, and eventually a nicer quilt, but I’d say it is definitely coming along.

All in all…feeling kind of accomplished today.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Valerie
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 22:23:47

    Good for you!! And I’m glad your mom is doing well! You should come clean my closet too… It’s wary in there…




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