Things I Don’t Get

  • Why people are always proud that they “slept through” some giant storm. Congratulations. When an epic tornado does hit, you’ll be the first to die.
  • People who go to a gym and talk about how fat someone is. Just…just fuck you. 
  • People who ask if you’re ashamed/should be ashamed of being on some sort of anxiety/depression medication. Nope, but you should be ashamed for asking that.
  • Guys who constantly post about how nice they are and how they can never get chicks because they got “friend zoned”. You’re not nice. You’re just really good at making all the girls on your feed feel awkward.
  • Chicks who say “You’re not as hot as you think you are.” Yeah, neither are you, sweetheart.
  • Crocs.
  • People who comment on a happy post with the, completely unrelated, equivalent of “pity me, because I’m too damn bitter to make my life any better.” You’re a McDouche-Nugget, and you’re friend now wants to stab you in your face hole.
  • Girls who constantly complain about how lonely they are sleeping at night, and how it pissed them off that their guy didn’t come see them after they worked even though it would’ve only been an hour long visit. If they really loved them, they would live for that hour, damnit.  And then follow it up with a “girls, get some self respect and stop relying on men to make you happy” Uhhh….excuse me?
  • Protein bars. They taste like bark, and have as many calories as my entire lunch.
  • People who use twitter hash tags on facebook.
  • People that compare themselves to Einstein/Shakespeare/Equivalent. Do you know how conceited you sound?
  • People who tell you not to judge them by their past because this is “me today” I’m sorry, but if for the last 20 years you’ve been consistently a prick….Yeah. I’m judging you. That level of prickdom takes a lot of effort. The fact that you posted that means you’ve done something horrible, and expecting everyone to just forget it, regardless of the pain you may have caused them…means you’re still a prick.
  • People who proclaim ” I don’t care what you think. Watch, I’m going to do (insert actions they think other people think they can’t do).” All over a public forum.  You do care. Otherwise you’d just do it, and stop bitching.

I might be grumpy today. Or, maybe these people are just annoying. Either way.  I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK, so I’m going to post it anyways! 😉


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