You People

I like my new job. I love the kids. They’re sweet and cute, and when they reach out and take my hand I feel trusted and good.

Other things, not so much. Working this job you start to see just how many people will let their morality levels slide just for an easier work day. People’s (entirely false, I’d like to add) sense of superiority oozes out of the shadows and into the bright of day, and it’s deeply disturbing.
To the girls who leave a child in a dirty diaper for hours, until it leaks all over their pants…
To the people who yank on the kids and don’t explain what you’re doing or why, just because you think they don’t care or don’t “get it”…
To the people who leave them strapped in a chair because its easier, even though they are wiggling and cooing, and obviously want down…
To the people who never say a word to these kids just because they don’t respond in the way you’re used to…

I have a few questions. First off, why the fuck are you in this line of work? If you don’t give a shit, why are you here? It doesn’t pay that much. Seriously, go work somewhere else where your actions won’t result in diaper rash and a crying child you lazy fuck.
Secondly, did your conscience just fall out your ass when you were younger or something? Would you want to sit in your own mess and stink for hours? Would you want to eat the same, unseasoned, goop every day? Would you want to be strapped in a hard chair even though it’s totally safe for you to lay, comfortably on the couch?
But really, don’t bother answering. I know the answer. You know the answer. Everyone knows the damn answer.
You’d be angry and appalled. You’d be hurt and confused. Hell, you’d probably sue.
You piss me off.
You suck.
The fucking end, because if I keep typing my rage might explode my computer.


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