Hello, Adult Responsibilities. How nice of you to stalk me until I give in to your whims.

I don’t post as often as I used to, and for the few that follow this blog I do apologize. This has been a time of massive change. Change in relationships, jobs, lifestyles, and expectations. And I don’t believe we’ve met but….Hi, I’m Abby and I don’t do well with change. Nice to meet you.

On the downside, I’m slowly losing my mind. But not as slowly as I was before, so actually I’m losing my mind at a disconertingly fast rate. I have absolutely insane dreams on the nightly, I have an unknown mass in my ear, and I talk to my cats way too much.

On the upside…

I finally got the ball moving on a few things, so I’m actually starting to feel better. As anyone who has ever attempted to go to college while not backed by a cushy trust fund, paying for it is a pain in the ass. Previously, I was making my way through the trenches of debt by way of a scholarship. A scholarship which has run out, leaving me owing roughly $2,000 to good ol’ UofL.

For awhile the prospect of student loans and impending debt paralyzed me. I didn’t even know for sure how much I owed, or what my options were as far as paying it. I didn’t want to find out. I just fled. Afterall, it’s not like school is something I love going to for numerous hours out of my day. So I avoided, avoided, avoided. At least until the fear of future unemployment and failure gnawed at my gut enough to kickstart my ass.

So, I don’t owe $2,000. I owe $1,700 precisely and am paying this off through monthly instalments of $149.00. The fact that the payment is $149 instead of just an even $150 both amuses me and tortures the fuck outta my OCD. As soon as I’m paid off, I can re-enroll. As soon as I can enroll, I can find out my financial aid options.

It’s a start. It’s a start that has let a smidgeon of air back into my lungs.

I’ll take it.


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