Proofing: defined as when a friend suddenly disappears off the face of the planet. This can be an extreme case, where all traces of your previous friendship have been erased, or a mild case of them just totally ignoring your existence.

I find the milder case to be the most confusing. I mean, if someone’s entire existence disappears, then some effort has been put in. This involves defriending you on Facebook, or removing their Facebook entirely, so that no traces can be found. Untagging photos that would have connected the two, blocking off the phone numbers….

Obviously there’s only so many answers here. If someone has gone to that length to poof, it’s one of two things.

1) you seriously fucked up and are too stupid to realize. In this case, they aren’t poofing, but more cleansing your stank off their lives.

2) they’re spies.

But the mild version? Suddenly they won’t respond to calls or texts, yet you’re still friends on Facebook. No angry rants have been initiated. No demands for apologies….
This kind of poof is usually preceded by what was, in all accounts, a pretty decent night.
Perhaps a party, where everyone left laughing and smiling. Or multiple parties.

To the mild poof I say, what in the fuck is the deal here?

I’m a decent person. I fuck up from time to time, but generally I am aware I’ve fucked up. To this poofing I say, what did I do?


In all honesty.

What and why? Previously we partied. Played video games. Previously we were fine and friendly and all that shit.

And now you’re poofing.

To you, you poofer, I say you are odd. I say you confuse me and I give up. I say, maybe you have split personalities and only one of them knows we are friends, so gimme a call when the other is in command.

Whatever and all that.

How many of you have been poofed on?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. paisleyglen
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 00:22:01

    I can’t believe that I wasn’t following you before! I’m so glad to have found this!

    Today, I ran into someone who’d poofed on me, about a year ago. As I “ran to catch my bus” so that I could leave the awkward encounter behind, I started crying. Sometimes, people can really be awful, and we’re better off without them. We can still miss them, though, right?


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