And such a good start too…

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/2b6/39649522/files/2014/12/img_0449.jpgOk….I’m going to preface this by stating that I’m a monogamous married woman who can TOTALLY count how many people I’ve slept with on one hand, so i don’t think I’m biased here….but about the time I got to the  5th line of this here facebook banner I started to get pissed. By the time I got to the 7th line, I decided I was justified.

It makes me sad that a banner meant to tell people to stop taking crap from other people decided to start handing out its own personalized version of  crap right there in the middle. I haven’t even bothered to look up whether or not this quote is actually a quote by this Tony Gaskins ( because many a time, facebook definitely lies about that one) because fuck you, judgmental person I’ve never met, whether you be the quoted or the quote-er…quotee…quotifier… (is that a fucking word? seriously, someone let me know).  How can you tell someone not to take shit from their significant other, and expect them to take shit from some stranger judging their personal sexual decisions?

Being in a sexually open relationship isn’t “normal”?

Having a threesome isn’t “normal?

Dude what era are you living in? Wait a minute, maybe I should look up this quote…gimme a sec. Oh, yep, dude’s got a twitter. Just making sure you weren’t some puritan motherfucker from back when being a human being in control of your own sexuality, and the ways in which you express that sexuality, was considered devil worship. Step into the land of the now, where what people do in their own bedrooms ain’t you’re fucking concern, because HOPEFULLY we’ve reached the level of knowledge where we don’t assume consenting adults fondling each others fun bits equals summoning cthulhu.

The land where polyamory and polyamorous are things the vast majority of people under 50 can loosely define without consulting a dictionary.

The land where, if enjoying casual sex is your bag, you can finally do it with a reasonable level of safety from diseases and pregnancy.

Hear me now, dude who will probably never see this blog, When i get ready to play with my husband, what you think is normal is not something i consider. It isn’t something i worry about. You aren’t someone I consult.

Do you know what I do consider? What I’m comfortable with. That’s right, not your hetero-normative (oh shit, words just got big) version of what sex should be, but what I am COMFORTABLE with sex being.

Do you know who i do consult? My partner.

Why? because me and my partner are the ONLY things I worry about in our sexual relationship. What he’s ok with. What I’m ok with. That’s it. Done.

And if one day we both decide to step outside of our current sexual boundaries? That’s not me settling, asshole.

That’s me changing my mind. Something I’m allowed to do, in case you were wondering.

And don’t EVEN get me started in a discussion on whether or not you or any person have the right to moderate and judge how often I smile versus cry.


True Love

I described a human being today as “that guy. That guy that talked us and we talked back and there was talking.”

And he knew who I was talking about.